About Us

About us

We aim to please – with ease:-)

Our hotel staff is part of the Skálkot family, a lively, fun-loving bunch and very hard working people from all over the world. Some have been with us for years, choosing to work in the Icelandic countryside rather than anywhere else.

Our horse guides are a dedicated team of professional horse trainers and incurable nature lovers. Like our hotel’s staff, many of our guides have been with us for years and come from all over the world, but their love for Icelandic horses is what has brought them together here in Skálakot.

The uniqueness of the Icelandic horse breed is world famous, with its five gaits, two of which are the signature of the Icelandic breed, the flying-pace and the ‘tölt’. The Icelandic horse possessed a very gentle nature and is extremely popular with Icelandic children, as well as inexperienced riders.

Our guides are specialized in guiding both small and larger groups of riders, whether they are trained or untrained. So if you ever dreamed of riding a horse, but didn’t dare, this is your chance to make that dream come true. Your horse will be specially chosen, bearing your experience, needs (or fears) in mind, and your guide will ensure your comfort during the tour.



General Information

Skálakot Manor
Skálakot, 861 Hvolsvöllur
Phone number: +3544878953
Email: info@skalakot.is
Company ID number: 151264-3609
VAT number: 129571