Fishing Tour




Private fishing in the Rimhúsaáll river near our Manor.  Írá river is a small river running down the mountain area beneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, before running through the lowland the river forms the beautiful waterfall Írárfoss.

Few kilometres before Írá river reaches the ocean it runs together with the river Kelduáll, from there they go by the name Rimhúsaáll.

Rimhúsaáll is a small freshwater river running into the sea lake Hótsós before reaching the ocean.

The river normally has a quite good possibility for fishing, you can expect to catch Arctic char, Brown trout or Sea trout. We offer private access to the river with two fishing rods as well as other equipment needed for the fishing like fishing flies and waders. Our guide Tor will do his best to show the best places to catch each time. Rimhúsaáll river is a great place for fishing both for beginners and people used to fishing. The surrounding there is beautiful with great views in good weather as well as a rich birdlife.

Season from April to Oktober

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