Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu



Slow cooked lamb carpaccio with anchovy mayo

2.500 isk.

Ceviche (fresh marinated trout in lime and chili)

2.900 isk.

Caesar salad with bacon (ask waiter for vegan option)

2.000 isk.

Lamb tartar with avocado, marinated cucumbers, tomatoes, and bread croutons

2.900 isk.



Lamb (200g) with potatoes, vegetables, and demi-glace sauce

4.900 isk.

Lamb Shank with mashed potatoes and vegetables

4.200 isk.

Beef (200g) with potatoes, vegetables, carrot puree and red wine sauce

5.300 isk.

Trout with potatoes, vegetables, cauliflower puree and lemon sauce

4.900 isk.

Mushroom risotto (ask waiter for vegan option)

3.800 isk.



Profiteroles with fruit cream and strawberry ice cream

2.100 isk.

Chocolate cake with sweet basil sauce and fruits

2.100 isk.

Deep-fried apple with vanilla ice cream

2.100 isk.


3-courses: 7.900 isk. per person