3 course 11.000 isk. pp
You can choose the courses from the menu

Every day 18:30 to 21:00
Reservations needed
+354 487 8953


Cesar Salad 2,500 isk
Traditional with bacon and croutons.

Kohlrabis 2,300 isk
Stuffed with jerusalem artichoke cream, white tomato sauce, fresh notes of dill and salty citrus.

Eggplant carpaccio 2,300 isk
Slow cooked in tomato sauce served with feta mousse, crunchy fennel and cucumbers.

Langoustines 3,300 isk
with mushroom ravioli and spinach seaweed stock .

Mazaika 2,750 isk
Salmon and cod, topped with kimchi sauce, fresh vegetables and crunchy shrimp chips

Lamb terrine 2,750 isk
Homemade brioche bread, horseradish cream and pickle vegetables

Lamb carpaccio 3,500 isk
Pickled mustard seed together with anchovy mayo, fresh vegetables and olive mud.


Wild mushroom cappuccino 2,500 isk
With blue cheese foam

Onion 2,500 isk
Vegetarian with croutons and melted cheese.

Goulash 2,800 isk
Lamb with chilli and coriander.

Fish 2,800 isk
With coconut stock and lime leaves.

served with vegetables

Baby potatoes and red wine estragon sauce.
6,000 isk

With mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce.
4,600 isk

Wrapped fillet with minced meat, confit potatoes and red mint sauce.
6,800 isk

Covered with spinach, mash potatoes and white
wine sauce
5,400 isk

Quinoa and sea buckthorn sauce
5,500 isk

Salsify puree bathed with lobster sauce.
7,590 isk

Pumpkin croquette
Quinoa and cherry tomato concasse
4,400 isk

Creamy with topinambur and salsify
4,500 isk


Filled strawberry cream, bathed with hot vanilla sauce and chocolate ice cream
2,750 isk

Bloody orange
Parfeit with ganache,crunch nougat over biscuit
2,750 isk

Pumpkin mousse
On a cinnamon base with pralinee.
2,750 isk

Coffee fondant
With salty caramel ice cream
2,500 isk

Ice cream (3 scoops)
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, salty caramel
2,300 isk