Horseback riding day tours

Horseback riding day tours

Here you can find some of our short horseback riding day tours. You can book the tour online,  please give us a call to make sure we have available if you are booking the tour with short notice. (same day or the night before)


Írárfoss horseback riding tour

A 1-hour easy horseback ride on our gentle pure breed Icelandic horse, around the beautiful surroundings of Skálakot farm to Írárfoss waterfall. The perfect tour for beginners.

Glacier horseback riding tour

A 3-hour horseback riding tour where we ride up the mountains up to 1000m (3000ft) above sea level, close to the volcano that erupted in 2010, with a fantastic view to the Vestman-Islands to the south, and the edge of the highland to the north.

Glacier & Black beach horseback riding tour

This is a combo tour of our two most popular tours, the glacier tour, and the black beach tour. You will a great opportunity to get to know the Icelandic horse and it´s the character as well as having the opportunity to go horseback riding in a diverse landscape with glacier and black sand beach. As well as having lunch at our restaurant.

Eyjafjalla horseback riding tour

A 2-hour horseback riding tour where we get to know our pure breed Icelandic horse a little better. We try some of its unique 5 gaits in the lowlands before heading up the gentle slopes of the Eyjafjöll mountains.

Black Beach horseback riding tour

A 3-hour horseback riding tour where we let the horses wade across Holtsós-lake and then ride along the Black sand beach, trying out several of the unique 5 gaits of our pure breed Icelandic horses, with a magnificent view along the North-Atlantic coastline and the majestic mountain range.

Midnight sun horseback riding tour

A horseback riding tour that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the bright summer night in Iceland. It is a special feeling going out for horseback riding late in the evening, it is the most peaceful and quiet time you can be out enjoying nature