Summer night tour

Summer night horseback riding tour



A 1.5-hour horseback riding tour where we get to know our pure breed Icelandic horse a little better and where we get to enjoy the long days that we have here in Iceland in the summer time. You will meet us here at our stable in Skálakot. There we will prepare you for the tour and you will get the opportunity to know your horse for the ride. We will provide you with a helmet and rainwear if you need.

We start riding up the hill towards the mountain behind our farm. After a short climb, we arrive in a small valley surrounded by mountains to the north. To the east, you will see the beautiful mountain Holtsnúpur and the valley Holtsdalur.

To the south, we have an open view over the low land and to the coastline and the Vestmannaeyjar to the south. When spend a little bit of time here to enjoy the view before we start riding back to the lowland aiming for the Írárfoss waterfall on the other side of our farm.

We ride alongside the river Írá, and after crossing the river we can see Íráfoss. The Írárfoss waterfall is a small but beautiful 30 meters high waterfall in the small river Írá. We pass the waterfall and start heading back to Skálakot along the road.

This is a great horseback riding tour for both beginners and more experienced riders. We will do our best to find the perfect horse for your experience level.