Ábóti frá Skálakoti

Ábóti frá Skálakoti – IS2010184159


Powerful fivegaiter

Ábóti is a black gelding who is a half-brother to the great stallion Klængur frá Skálakoti (judged with 8.36 as a fourgaiter). He is a pretty and strong horse with a cute face who can be a little bit shy in the beginning. But once he knows you the curiosity wins and he will come to you in the field.

He is calm to be around and stands perfectly still when you mount him, but as soon as you ride away you will feel the power and willingness that he has. Even though he is really forward thinking it is never a problem to slow him down.

Ábóti has seen a lot. He has been on our long trips several times, has been on riding courses and has been on different competitions. Ábóti is not the bravest one, but with a secure rider, he will do everything. He is really well trained and knows the most common exercises. The horse is sensitive on the aids which makes him a lot of fun to work with.
He has a lot of pace but it is not much trained yet. In the video, you see only one of the first attempts to put him in pace so that looks promising.

Ábóti has been competing a little bit in tölt and fourgait, but with some more training, he will be suitable for five-gait competition also. Or if you don´t want to compete he will be perfect for an experienced rider to go for endless riding tours in his soft tölt.