Baldur frá Baldurshaga

Baldur frá Baldurshaga – IS2012180525


Nice project for an ambitious (young) rider

Baldur frá Baldurshaga is a gelding after our great stallion Skýr frá Skálakoti, and one of the things he definitely got from his father is his character. He is super sweet and friendly, and cool in the head. He is the type of horse that once he trusts you, he will do everything for you.

He has four nicely separated gaits. His trot is well carried and stable, and his tölt is easy to ride with a great speed variety. Baldur has developed a lot over the last year and he has for sure much more to offer than he is showing now. He is starting to open up for pace also, although not trained yet. He is a quick learner and knows all the basic dressage exercises. He is a perfect hand horse and it is no problem to take a hand horse when riding him.

Baldur would be an interesting project for an ambitious (young) rider who wants to develop together with him to see what more he has to offer. But he would also be a perfect family horse or luxury riding horse.