Skór frá Skálakoti

Skór frá Skálakoti – IS2011184162


Tölting machine for luxury riding or competition

Skór is a light brown gelding with no markings. He is a beautiful horse, lightly built with long legs and a cylindrical body. His great conformation provides his rider with a comfortable seat. He has always been very friendly and easy to handle. Since Skór was started under saddle he has shown curiosity. He is an independent horse that is not easily scared. Because of his good confirmation, he has always been able to move correctly. He is a strong horse with clear beaten gaits that are easy to work with. His pace is not much trained yet, in the video you see one of the first times he was put into a pace, but it sure has potential!

Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson started Skór under saddle the summer of 2015. Since then he has been trained at Skálakot where our trainer of many years, Sanne van Hezel, has taken great care of him. Skór knows all basic exercises in dressage. Skór‘s tölt is amazingly soft and therefore he is one of the families favorite horses when on horse trips. Skór is also a great hand horse.

Because of his good gait distribution, Skór has the real potential of doing well in sports- and gæðingakeppni on a light competition level. He would be an ideal companion for younger riders as well as grown-ups. He is independent and knows what he wants, but if the rider knows what he is doing than he does everything for the rider.

Skór is the halfbrother of our famous stallion Skýr on his mother’s side, Vök frá Skálakoti. Vök has proven to be one of our best breeding mares and he definitely got his endless soft tölt from her. Her three oldest offsprings have all received 1. price both for confirmation and ridden abilities. Skór is Vök´s fourth offspring.

Skór is born and raised in the fields of Skálakot. All our horses are raised semi-wild, only handled once to twice a year for hoof trimming and deworming. He was castrated when he was four years old.