Skupla frá Skálakoti

Skupla frá Skálakoti – IS2012284156


Luxury riding horse for the whole family

Skupla frá Skálakoti is a sweet mare after our famous Skýr frá Skálakoti. She has everything you are looking for in a good riding horse. She has four soft, easy to ride and well-separated gaits.

The pace has not been trained yet but is definitely there. She has a nice temperament, can be powerful if you want her to be. But the brakes always work and she is light on the rains. Well trained and knows all the basic dressage exercises. She is a good hand horse and it is also no problem to have a hand horse when you are riding her.
Skupla has already seen a lot. Now she has been starting to go with on our long trips and is therefore not easily scared of anything.

Skupla is a curious horse, always coming to you in the field or the paddock and always ready to work for you.
Besides all that, she is also really nicely built. Although maybe not the biggest one in the stable she is a pretty horse to see with a really nice build neck and a lot of beautiful mane and tail. So it might even be interesting to breed with her one day.

Skupla would fit for a wide range of riders. She can be the perfect family horse or luxury riding horse but she would definitely be suitable for a young rider who wants to learn a lot or even compete!