Sylvía frá Skálakoti

Sylvía frá Skálakoti – IS2012284159



Stunning mare for competition or breeding

Sylvia is light chestnut with a pretty shaped blase. She has always been very friendly, gentle and curious. She has a positive and noble mind and always does her best in every situation. Because of her good confirmation, she has always been able to move correctly. Therefore she has strong clear beaten gaits that are easy to work with. She gives her rider a comfortable and good seat and is always positive and forward. She has good leg action and takes long strides. She has the ability to pace, but this is not her strongest gait and it has not been trained much.

Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson started Sylvia under saddle the summer of 2016. Since then she has both been trained at our home stables in Skálakot by our trainer Sanne van Hezel and at Jakob´s stable. Sylvía knows all basic exercises in dressage. In August 2018 Jakob showed her at a breeding show where she received first price (8.04) for both confirmation (8.09) and ridden abilities (8). 

Because of her great gait distribution, Sylvía has the real potential of doing well in sports- and gæðingakeppni. She is still developing a lot and right now gaining her first experience on the competition track, which is really promising! She would be an ideal companion for younger riders as well as grown-ups because of her gentle mind. She would also be suitable as a great family horse that everyone can ride.

Sylvía is born and raised in the fields of our home Skálakot. All our horses are raised semi-wild, only handled once to twice a year for hoof trimming and deworming.

Sylvía frá Skálakoti