Into the highlands

15 June to 15 September

8:00 AM

5 days 4 nights


  • 70 000 isk per person (1 to 2 persons)
  • 52 000 isk per person (3 to 8 persons)


  • Driver and guide 
  • Fishing licence 
  • Food and drinks (non alcoholic) 
  • Fishing gear ( no waders, best to bring your own)

Good to bring:

  • Suitable clothing
  • Snacks
  • Waders (not a necessity; we mostly fish without)
  • If you bring your own fishing gear make sure to disinfect it beforehand.
    More information here.

Pick up in Skalakot at 08.00. We drive into Landmannahellir (a two hour drive) and fish the
lakes in that area. There are many lakes here to choose from and we visit the ones that are
currently the best ones, something that always differs.

We bring a basic lunch along with us and if the fishing goes well, we offer fresh smoked fish
as well.

We keep on going until about 16.00 before we need to head back. There is a possibility to try
several lakes over the span of the day. Those who would rather spend the afternoon in the
Landmannalaugar hot spring are welcome to do so.
Drop off is around 18.00 at Skalakot.
Drop of and pick up can also be done in other hotels and airbnbs around Hvolsvollur and
Pick up and drop off outside off Hvollsvöllur and Hella area can be done for an extra fee.

All tours are private and the minimum number of participants is 2 persons.
For further information and booking