Þrúgur frá Skálakoti -IS-

Þrúgur frá Skálakoti – IS2012284157 (8.52)


World class breeding mare

Þrúgur is chestnut with a star and a snip. With her beautiful confirmation, she gives her rider a comfortable and good seat. She is willing under the rider, positive and forward. She has high leg action and takes long strides. Her gaits are clear beated and therefore easy to handle.

Þrúgur’s trainer from the start has always been Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson. He started her under saddle and has trained her ever since.

When started under saddle she was quick to learn and although independent and proud she always accepted what was asked of her.  Þrugur is well trained and knows all basic exercises in dressage.

Because of her great gait distribution, Þrúgur has the real potential of doing well both in sports- and gæðinga- competitions. With the right rider, we are sure she can reach the top level.
Furthermore, she has a very high score both for confirmation and rideability in her BLUP evaluation, she has one of the highest BLUP scores in the world! Combined with top class pedigree this makes her very well suitable for breeding. Her father Skýr from Skálakoti is one of Iceland’s most famous stallions and was honored with 1. Prize for offsprings at Landsmot 2018.  

Þrúgur is born and raised in the fields of our home Skálakot. All our horses are raised semi-wild, only handled once to twice a year for hoof trimming and deworming.

So if you are looking for a future star in you stable for competition or breeding, here is your chance