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About Hekla horseback riding tour

Hekla Wilderness tour is more or less the perfect tour for those who want to ride in the pure wilderness. On our way through the wilderness, we spend the nights in huts with a long history, used by farmers for decades during autumn when gathering sheep from the mountains. Exploring spectacularly nature, formed by the volcanoes Hekla and Tindfjallajökull, with lava fields and black sands as well as green mountains and rivers.

About Hekla and Tindfjallajökull area

This horseback riding tour takes you to the area formed by to of the biggest volcanoes in South Iceland. The Volcano and Glacier Tindfjallajökull are one of the highest mountains in Iceland (1474 m high), the volcano has not been active for a long time, but it has a beautiful formation with a small glacier on the top of the caldera. Volcano Hekla is, on the other hand, one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland, for the past 50 years Hekla has erupted about every 10 years. Hekla has played the major role in forming this area with huge lava fields and ash that gives the area raw and raw and mysterious appearance.

Day by day:
Day 1 Arrival day

Pick up in Reykjavik BSÌ bus station at 17.00. From there we drive to Skálakot, have dinner together and plan our tour together.

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 2 – Skálakot – Fell – Riding distance 35 kilometers.

Starting from Skálakot and riding along the mountain range Eyjafjöll, passing the cave Paradísarhellir and the waterfall Seljalandsfoss.  Finally arriving at the Old Bridge across Markarfljót river for a short rest and lunch. After lunch we leave the civilization, ride over the bridge and into the area Fljótshlíð.

Across flat plains formed by the Markarfljót river towards the green hills and mountains of Fljótshlíð. In the afternoon we arrive at the hut Fell where we will spend the night. This is a good first day riding on the good foundation where you get a good chance to try a few different horses into the heard riding.

Accommodation: Mountain Hut Fell by the mountain Þórólfsfell

Day 3 – Fell – Foss – Riding distance 37 kilometers.

After breakfast on our second-day riding, we do horseback ride through the area of Fljótshlíð and up to Vatnsdalur valley, with a great view all around us, surrounded by mountains and further on lava fields from the volcano Hekla.  Heading to the hut Foss where we stay for the night. 

Accommodation: Mountain Hut Foss by the river Eystri Rangá

Day 4 Foss – Emstrur – Riding distance 40 kilometers.

This is, in fact, a pure wilderness day. Riding through an area formed by volcanic activity for the past thousands of years, with raw lava fields, black hills, and mountains with green mountain tops, across small rivers and streams.  Finally, in the afternoon we arrive at Krókur north of the Tindfjallajökull glacier an area with small mountains and rivers.
A peaceful environment but above all a great place for a short rest while enjoying nature. After the break, we leave Krókur and ride on trails through the varied landscape to the hut in Emstrur, where we end this beautiful day and stay over the night.

Accommodation: Mountain Hut Emstrur

Day 5 Emstrur – Fell – Riding distance 24 kilometers

In the morning we get set for another adventure day. We ride across the bridge over Markarfljót river and towards the mountain Einhyrningur (Unicorn). In good weather, you will have a great view over to Tindfjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers. We take a break in Bólstaður hut and continue to a mountain gorge where we eat lunch and unleash the horses for grassing.

After lunch, we ride on good riding paths east of the glacier Tindfjallajökull and sleep in Fell the same hut we stayed the first night.

Accommodation: Mountain Hut Fell 

Day 6 Fell – Skálakot – Riding distance 38 kilometers

Today the horses are on their way home and the tempo is usually a bit higher. We leave Fell by crossing the river and after a while, we´ll reach The Old Bridge.

The second part of the day we ride throw Fljótshlíð and by Eyjafjöll. At Skálakot, we celebrate with dinner and after the hot tub for tired muscles.

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 7 – Departure day

The last morning we eat breakfast together and drive towards Reykjavik. We are in Reykjavik and BSÌ bus station around 12 am.

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