Hekla Wilderness

Hekla Wilderness

Hekla Wilderness tour is perfect for you that want to ride the total wilderness. We live in simple cosy huts and riding in totally untouched nature. The huts are used by the farmers during the autumn time to gather sheep. We explore spectacularly lava and great mountaintops.

This is an adventure for you that wants to enjoy Iceland!

Day by day:
Day 1 Arrival day
Pick up in Reykjavik BSÌ bus station at 17.00. We drive to the farm, have dinner together and plan our tour together.
Day 2 Skálakot – Fell
We start from Skálakot and ride along the mountain range Eyjafjöll. We pass the cave Paradísarhellir and the waterfall Seljalandsfoss. After lunch we leave the civilization, ride over the Old Bridge and into the area Fljótshlid. We stay this night in a hut called Fell
This is a good first day as we ride on the good foundation and you get a good chance to try a few different horses into the heard riding.
Day 3 Fell – Foss
The riding today is through the area of Fljótshlíð and up to Vatnsdalur, with a great view all around us. We ride on good riding paths with the lava of Hekla in front of us, heading to the hut Foss where we stay over the night.
Day 4 Foss – Emstrur
This day is a pure wilderness day. We ride in the area of Rangárvellir over the river Rangá and through Hungurfit
We stop and have a break at Krókur where you with good weather see all the way to Landmannalaugar. We ride on small paths and climbing up and down. The hut Emstrur is a hut on the height with a grass roof, where we end this beautiful day and stay over the night.
Day 5 Emstrur – Fell
We start the day by crossing Markarfjót and climb the mountain Einhyrningur. We pause in Bólstadur and continue to a mountain gorge where we eat lunch and unleash the horses for grassing.

After lunch, we ride on good riding paths northeast of the glacier Tindfjallajökull and sleep in Fell the same hut we stayed before.
Day 6 Fell – Skálakot
Today the horses are on their way home and the tempo is usually a bit higher. We leave Fell by crossing the river and after a while, we´ll reach The Old Bridge.

The second part of the day we ride throw Fljótshlíð and by Eyjafjöll. At the farm, we celebrate with traditional Icelandic barbeque and sauna for tired muscles.
Day 7 – Departure day
We eat breakfast together and drive towards Reykjavik. We are in Reykjavik and BSÌ bus station around 12 am.