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About into the highland horseback riding tour

In this tour, you get the possibility to look into the highland of South Iceland. Riding between glaciers in a beautiful landscape of fire and ice. We ride into the uplands of Fljótshlíð on the way to Fjallabaksleið Syðri. Passing Einhyrningur Mountain and the great canyon of Markarfljót river. A good tour for people who enjoy horseback riding in the magnificent untouched nature. 

About the Highlands

The highlands of South Iceland is an amazing area. There you have more or less all the best Icelandic nature has to offer. The area is formed by volcanic activity by many big volcanoes like Katla, and Törfajökull as well as Tindfjallajökull. All big volcanoes with a long history of volcanic eruptions. Most of the area was formed during the ice age time when there where volcanic eruptions underneath a thick layer of glacier forming small mountains and mountains ridges which stretch over the area. In between the mountains, we have black sands and lakes and glacier rivers. 

Day by day plan:

Day 1. Reykjavík – Skálakot.

Pick up at BSÍ bus station in Reykjavík at 17.00. From there we drive to Skálakot where we have dinner and overnight stay.

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 2. Skálakot – Fljótshlíð  – RIDING DISTANCE 25 KILOMETERS

In the morning after breakfast, we ride from Skálakot along the mountains of Eyjafjöll. Passing the waterfall Seljalandsfoss to “Gamla brú” an old bridge over the river Markarfljót, where we stop to have our lunch. After the lunch break, we continue the horseback riding over the bridge heading to Fljótshlíð in the hills of the glacier and volcano Tindfjallajökull, passing Stóri Dímon the lonely mountain, an island rising up from the black sand beside the river Markarfljót. We end our riding in Eyvindarmúli where we keep our horses over the night, but we drive back to Skálakot for dinner and overnight stay.

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 3. Fljótshlíð – Emstrur OR Fljótshlíð – Foss
Fljótshlíð – Emstrur – Riding Distance 30 kilometres

After the breakfast in Skálakot, we drive to Eyvindarmúli where we start our riding into the highland. The way goes between the two glaciers, Eyjafjallajökull on the right side and Tindfjallajökull on the left side.
With a magnificent view of Þórsmörk valley and the uplands area of Fljótshlíð. On the way, we pass the special mountain Einhyrningur (unicorn) before we head to Emstrur where we have our overnight stay in a nice hut.

Accommodation: Dormitory in the mountain hut in Emstrur


Fljótshlíð- Foss – Riding Distance 37 kilometres

We start our horseback riding from the hut in Fljótshlíð and we will ride along the hillside Fljótshlíð to through Vatnsdalur valley, along Fiská river and across the lava field to our next hut in the old farm Foss by the river Eystri Rangá. 

Accommodation: Dormitory in the mountain hut in Foss

Day 4. Emstrur OR Hekla lava fields
Emstrur 35 km.

This day we take a ride in the area of Emstrur and stay in the same hut another night. On this day we get to go horseback riding in an amazing landscape. First, we ride across the black sand with a green mountain to  Hvanngil ravine and across to Álftavatn lake. In good weather, you will enjoy magnificent views of the glaciers Mýrdalsjökull and Torfajökull. From  Álftavatn lake we ride down to Krókur surrounded by mountains. From there we ride across the river Hvítmaga, beside Lifrarfjöll mountains and finally to Emstrur again, where we will spend the night.

Accommodation: Dormitory in the mountain hut in Emstrur


Hekla Lava fields – 35 km.

After breakfast, we get ready for an unforgettable day riding across the south lava fields from the Volcano Hekla. The landscape formed by the volcano Hekla and surrounding volcanoes. With lava fields and green mountains. In clear weater, you will have great views towards Hekla and Tindfjallajökull glacier. 

Accommodation: Dormitory in the mountain hut in Foss

Day 5. Emstrur – Skálakot OR Foss – Skálakot
Emstrur – Skálakot 55 km

This is the longest day of the tour, from Emstrur to Skálakot where we started our trip. Riding the same beautiful way as we came, seeing it from another perspective.
The horses are willing and happy to go home, so it makes it rather easy to ride. At the end of this day the hot tub will be waiting for us and of course a good dinner.

Accommodation: Dormitory


Foss – Skálakot – 59 km

In the morning we will prepare for a long horseback riding day. We will ride towards the mountain Þríhyrningur and through Vatnsdalur valley. From there we head towards Skálakot, on the way we will pass the mountain Stóri-Dímon. 

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 6. Skálakot – Reykjavík.

In the morning we departed to Reykjavík. Drop off at BSÍ bus station at 12.00 pm

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