This is a tour that is well suited for the experienced rider. We ride about 25- 60 km, 6-9 hours per day. You get a good chance to see many different environments and try different horses.

The highlight of the tour is riding into Landmannalaugar who is known for its enormous beauty with mountains that are like painted with watercolours in green, red and yellow. In the middle of Landmannalaugar is also a natural hot spring where we spend time in.

Day by day:
Day 1 – Arrival day
Pick up in Reykjavik BSÌ at 17.00. We have dinner together and plan our tour together. The farm also has a hot
tub and sauna.

Day 2 Skálakot – Fljótshlíð
We are riding along the mountain range Eyjafjöll towards the Old Bridge. We will pass the waterfall Seljalandsfoss where it is possible to go behind.

After lunch, we ride into the area Fljótshlíð where we leave the horses for the night. We drive back to the farm Skálakot where we also spend the night.

Day 3 Fljótshlíð – Emstrur
We are riding on good riding paths northeast of the glacier Tindfjallajökull. We pass the mountain Einhyrningur who reminds of a troll with a horn. We have lunch in a beautiful ripe where we at the same time let the horses loose.

We ride over the bride Markarfljót and on the hill, you find our cabin Emstrur with a grass roof.
Day 4 Emstrur – Hólaskjól
From Emstrur we ride on the 30 kilometres long black sand dessert Mælifellssandur where you are riding between the two glaciers Mýrdahlsjökull and Torfajökull.

We are crossing the river Hólmsá and follow the gravel road to Àlftavatnskrókur and Ófærudalur. Known for its enormous beauty and shaped by a Vulcan eruption 1100 years ago. We sleep in a hut in Hólaskjól, where you also can use a shower.
Day 5 Hólaskjól – Landmannalaugar
On the way towards Landmannalaugar we stop in the Eldgjá who is known for its 40 kilometres long ripe and special look. We also see Ófærufoss from the movie ”The Raven Flies”.

We are riding over the beautiful Herdubreidarháls and threw Jökuldalir. The highlight of the tour is riding over the warm river and into Landmannalaugar. The area is mostly known for its colourful mountain ranges, big lava fields and hot springs. We spend the night in Landmannahellir where is plenty of space for everyone.

Day 6 Landmannalaugar – Landmannahellir
We continue into the beautiful area Landmannalugar. We pass the lake Frostastaðavatn where we many times stopped and taken a swim with the horses. We take a break in the valley Dómadalur before we ride the horses to Landmannahellir. Today is it also possible to take a swim in the hot spring or go for a hike.

We sleep also this night in the cosy cabin Landmannahellir.

Day 7 Landmannahellir – Emstrur
We have one of the long days ahead of us, and we load up with a good breakfast. We start the day on the strongest horses as we are climbing up on Pokahryggur, 1000 meter over sea level. In good weather, you can nearly see across the whole Iceland. We take a break in the valley Reykjadalir and change to good tölters as we are rounding the mountain Laufafell.

We continue around the lake Álftavatn and reach the hut Emstrur we know from earlier of the tour.

Day 8 Emstrur – Skálakot
We are going back on the same nice riding path as we started the tour on. The horses are on their way back home and the phase is usually a bit higher. The area is known from the Njáls Saga, and Guðmundur likes to tell stories about the area.

At the farm, we celebrate with traditional Icelandic barbeque, sauna and jacuzzi.

Day 9 – Departure day
We eat breakfast together and drive to Reykjavik. We are in Reykjavik, BSÍ bus station at 12 am.