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ABOUT Þórsmörk horseback riding 

This Þórsmörk horseback riding tour will charm you with many different aspects of Icelandic nature. Starting on the first full day at Skálakot by getting to know the horses and doing two riding tours from the stable. While riding along trails through the wilderness, toward the nature reserve, Thórsmörk and as we ride in one of the oldest forests we will tell you some stories about the surroundings. One of the highlights is riding into the mighty ravine Stakkholtsgjá where the water has shaped the mountains for many thousands of years.

About Þórsmörk

Þórsmörk is a valley in the south of Iceland. The place has a big part in the hearts of many Icelandic people. Nature there is in many ways amazing with a lot of diversity from big glacier rivers on the low land to steep mountains and ravines with waterfalls, green hills and trees, and on top glaciers. The valley is surrounded by glaciers and Þórsmörk is the perfect place for horseback riding. 

Þórsmörk horseback riding tour gives you the opportunity to get in contact with the nature in a more personal way and experience the best of Icelandic nature and the Icelandic horse. 

Day by day:
Day 1 – Arrival day 

Pick up in Reykjavik BSÌ at 17.00. From there we drive along the south coast to Skálakot. We will have dinner there and plan our Þórsmörk horseback riding tour together and relax in the hot tub before going to bed.

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 2 – up towards the glacier and DOWN TO the beach  – RIDING DISTANCE 22 KILOMETERS.

For the first riding day we are having two nice riding tours with lunch in between. In the morning we head to the mountains to meet up with the mighty Eyjafjallajökull glacier. For the second riding we head to the black beach of the Atlantic Ocean and if we are lucky we might see some seals. At the end of the day, it is good to relax in the hot tub.

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 3 – Riding to Thórsmörk – RIDING DISTANCE 40 KILOMETERS.

After breakfast, we ride from Skálakot along the mountains Eyjafjöll, on our way we will pass the famous waterfall Seljalandsfoss. We continue on good riding paths and slowly leave the civilization. And as we go further heading across some small rivers before we untack the horses and jump into the truck who will take us over the final river Krossá. The horses will manage themselves over the river and we soon reach Húsadalur, where we have dinner buffet in the restaurant and a well-earned rest.

Accommodation: Huts in Húsadalur, warm natural spring, and sauna. 

Day 4 – Riding in the nature reserve –  RIDING DISTANCE 27 KILOMETERS.

Morning is coming in Húsadalur and it is time for riding. We ride the day in two stages. The first one we spend in the forest and the afternoon in the ravine Stakkholtsgjá.

We are riding in an area called Almenningar where the farmers put their sheep for spending the summer eating good grass. The area is beautiful with great mountain and glacier views in nice weather. On our way, we will tell you the name of the mountains and valleys and there are as many stories as names.

After lunch and short rest, we ride from Húsadalur valley into the magnificent ravine called Stakkholtsgjá. And finally, after a nice day, and after enjoying a good meal in the restaurant you can relax in the sauna before going to sleep. 

Accommodation: Huts in Húsadalur, warm natural spring, and sauna. 

Day 5 – Riding to Skálakot  – RIDING DISTANCE 40 KILOMETERS.

It is the last riding day and we ride on the same beautiful riding path as when we entered Thórsmörk. By this time you should know your horses well and we are riding at a good pace.

For instance, we stop by Old Bridge who was in use until 2000´s century. Before going for going back to Skálakot for dinner and hot tub. 

Accommodation: Dormitory

Day 6 – Departure day

Breakfast before we drive towards Reykjavik, for drop off at the BSÌ bus station at around 12.00 am.

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