When we decided to enlarge our accommodation facilities we longed to build for the future. We wanted our guests to enjoy a unique experience that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the country. We wanted our guests to experience a romantic, comfortable and luxurious mood.  Ensuring that each room was unique and for the overall look of the hotel to be based on a design in which the details and atmosphere generate complete wellbeing and relaxation.

The result was Skálakot – Manor Hotel, fourteen bedrooms with, restaurant and personal services. Extension from the farm where we actually live, therefore we look at our visitors as guests of the family. That’s the Icelandic sense of hospitality that we have been brought up on.

The interior design of the hotel echoes the Art Deco period. Which is a style of visual arts and architecture, which first appeared in France at the beginning of the 20th century. Characterized by a fusion of luxury and modernism, in which exclusive materials and great craftsmanship blended in a modern form.

We offer one Master suite, one Mini suite, six Grand double rooms, four Standard double rooms, and two Standard Single rooms. Every suite and room has a 43″ HDTV, WiFi, tea kettle, hairdryer, bathrobes and a collection of soaps. The Grand rooms, Mini and Master suite also have a Nespresso coffee machine.