The Family Farm

The Family Farm

Welcome to our family in Skálakot. We’re the seventh generation running this farm and place our main focus on breeding Icelandic horses and offering Icelandic hospitality. Skálakot is located in the very heart of southern Iceland, surrounded by stunning nature in the tranquillity of the countryside, just under the wide expanses of the Icelandic highlands and in the vicinity of glaciers and volcanoes overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean.



We are Gudmundur (nick-named Mummi) and Johanna, and we are the seventh generation running this farm in Skálakot. Each generation here has had to contend with the challenges posed by the environment, such as volcanic eruptions, ash fall, famine and cold summers and their impact on vegetation and livestock. We consider ourselves to be a lucky generation because the challenges we face also happen to be our greatest passions: horse breeding and Icelandic hospitality. And it’s a fact that Icelandic hospitality and horses have both saved the life of this nation for more than a thousand years.



We Icelanders would never have survived in this country if we had not been a hospitable nation; we’re curious about people by nature and strive to provide them with good food and drink because we want our guests to feel good and to tell us stories about themselves. Because we Icelanders love stories. Icelandic hospitality has always revolved around the guest leaving richer than when he or she arrived, feeling rested and cherishing the memory of a happy experience, having made new friends, that they will long to visit again as soon as possible.



We took over this farm in 1985 and started this development, which is still in progress. Our goal is to eventually pass on this farm to the next generation in the best shape we can. The generation that went before us did everything in their power to build up this place for our future. That’s the mindset we like to work in from day to day, with a sharp focus on the future and our children in mind. This is where we think it’s best to live – in the beauty and tranquillity of the Icelandic countryside. And that’s the feeling we want to pass on to our guests so that they can also feel at home during their stay with us.

We are Jóhanna and Mummi. Our children are Gogga, Orri and Birta.